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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about using your etd online account

Placing Orders

Account Settings

Placing Orders

Placing an Order

  1. To search by size, type only the numeric portion of the size.
  2. If a size comes in a P-Metric and LT, add an L to the end of the size to see LT tires.
  3. If a size comes in standard and extra-load, add an X to the end of the size to see the extra load tires.
  4. For trailer tires, add a T to the end of the size.


Descriptive Size Search Size
P235/75R15 108S OWL 2357515
P235/75R15 XL BW 2357515X
LT235/75R15 C OWL 2357515L
ST195/75D14 LRB 1957514

Selecting Items:

  1. Locate the items that you would like to order, type a quantity onto those lines, and press the ADD button.
  2. ADD TO QUOTE: Add items to current quote based upon pricing markup (see Account Settings).
  3. ADD TO ORDER: Add items to current order.
  4. Current order and quote summaries can be viewed on the left side of the page.
  5. To view the line item details of the Current Quote, click on the Items in quote or Total headings.
  6. To view the line item details of the Current Order, click on the Items in order or Total headings.

Finalizing an order:

  • If you have built a quote for your end customer, pressing the CREATE ORDER or SUBMIT ORDER button will place the items into an order (at your purchase price) and move to the final screen in the ordering process.
  • If you have been building an order, pressing the SUBMIT ORDER button will cause you to move to the final screen in the ordering process.
  • Select a payment option (COD, Charge).
  • Select a delivery method (Delivery, Pickup).
  • Provide your internal purchase order number (optional).
  • Provide any comments or special instructions (optional).
  • Press CONTINUE to place the order

Order Status:

  1. Once an order has been placed, you will want to check the status.
  2. Click on the link called Online Order Status on the left side or top right side of the page.
  3. The most recent order will be shown at the top of the list.

Account Settings

How do I set the Customer Markup Price?
Click on Account Settings, then Quote Settings, here you can set markups by a percentage, dollar amount or both. You can set markups for each Brand or a Default markup that will apply to ALL brands.

How do I turn images off?
Click on Account Settings, then Format + Layout, here you can change your image settings for the three areas of the site.

Can I print quotes?
Yes, if you have items on a quote, you can click on the Print Quote link on the left menu under the Current Quote heading and a window with a customized quote will appear, just click the Print This Page link on the bottom of the window to print your quote.

How do I log out?

You can click the Sign Out link on the top of the web page, to the right of the EXXPRESS TIRE DELIVERY logo

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